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This original photograph of Willie Nelson by Matt Lankes is being delivered to Andrew Francis of El Segundo (CA).

Mr. Francis submitted the winning bid for our third silent auction! See the photo below with his sons, Wyatt and J.R.

From Mr. Lankes: "I shot this image 20 years ago in 2002 at Willie's ranch. Willie calls it Luck, TX. He also often says 'You’re either in Luck or outta Luck.' I was shooting an editorial piece for Cowboys & Indians Magazine. I took a bunch of cameras and different types of film with me (pre-digital) mainly cause I knew I wouldn’t have this access again. This particular shot was when we were walking the property to scout locations and I ran ahead of him and got him coming down Main Street. This was shot on a plastic kids' camera from the 1960s called a Diana. That day he gave me five hours to hang out and shoot. One of the best shoots of my life!"

Suggested opening bid: $250

About the Artist

Matt Lankes, a seventh-generation Texan, grew up in Austin playing soccer

and watching his father take pictures for the Austin American-Statesman.


"I grew up around the camera," says Lankes, who has made his living through

photography since attending St. Edward’s University by specializing in portraits of people in their environments.


"I try to get to the core of the person. I like to spend time with the subject and try to make a portrait that shows who a person really is. I think that one thing that runs through most of my pictures is that the subjects are not posing; they are relaxed and not putting on a face."

In his spare time, Lankes still loves to play soccer and travel the world. His clients include HBO, LiveStrong, Y&R, Texas Music, Fox Searchlight, Texas Monthly, The New York Times, Amazon, Netflix, Time Inc., Newsweek, GSD&M Advertising, Austin Monthly, Lee Jeans, CBS, Random House, Warner Brothers, EMI, Sony, Universal, Chevrolet, and Pentagram Design.

Lankes currently has his work in the permanent collection of The National Portrait Gallery at the Smithsonian Institution and at The Wittfliff Collections at Texas State University.

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