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BOSTON MARATHON - October 11, 2021

The officers and board members of The Cuddy Family Foundation for Veterans are pleased to announce that Roberto Juarez COMPLETED The Boston Marathon on October 11. 2021!

Roberto was supposed to run Boston on our behalf in April 2020, but the race was canceled. The rescheduled event for September 2021 was also canceled, but he was able to do the virtual Boston that month with friends in Orange County (CA). The marathon was rescheduled again for April 2021, but that was canceled, too! On October 11, Roberto finally got to run from Hopkinton to the finish line on Boylston Street for real. 

It was a glorious day that was made even more special when Roberto watched the Red Sox defeat the Devil Rays 6-5 in a thrilling game at Fenway Park later that night!

His run was dedicated to Cherry, Maddie, and Emilee. Thank you, Roberto. You are very much loved and appreciated by so many people and your effort to help veterans and others in peril in the early days of our foundation has established a high standard for our future Boston runners to follow.

Check out the videos below: the first was recorded two nights before the marathon and the second was filmed just after the finish!

Please note that we are not an official charity partner of The Boston Marathon because only organizations based in Massachusetts are eligible. One of our officers is fortunate to be a member of the Boston Athletic Association and provides an invitational entry to our runners each year!

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