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The Cuddy Family Foundation for Veterans is a registered 501(c)(3) based in New Orleans (LA) with a primary mission of meeting the health and wellness needs of veterans and others.

We are registered as an LLC in the State of Louisiana. Our EIN is 86-1208738.

We are launching two initiatives that will directly benefit the veteran population in South Louisiana. 


Our first goal is to establish a free, multi-purpose facility that will include locker rooms with showers, laundry services, a fitness center with volunteer athletic trainers, a barbershop, a nutrition counter with volunteer dietitians, a computer room, and a store with free clothes, food, and supplies.

We hope to supplement the services of the VA by bridging the gap between medical care and our prolonged, monitored health and fitness programs.

In the future, we plan to purchase an apartment building or hotel and convert the site into a free residential center - particularly for those with special needs. Another possibility will be to purchase land and install small, single unit dwellings.

Your generous support will drive these initiatives in New Orleans and, hopefully, will lead to expansion in other cities throughout the USA.

We are not affiliated with any political party or entity. Our purpose is to bring health and wellness opportunities to veterans and those in peril and to advocate with actions, and not words, on their behalf.