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Our primary focus is to achieve complete self-sufficiency and sustainability as an organization to meet the objectives established by our Executive Director, Joey Kent.

Donations from individuals and organizations that believe in our efforts are, obviously, welcomed and encouraged; we are very appreciative of this support, but we do not wish to simply rely upon the generosity of others in perpetuity.

Mr. Kent has encouraged our team to live by our own motto of "Actions Not Words" to set a proper example for the communities we serve and our supporters.


We will also be exploring grant applications at some point in the future though, again, our goal is to operate independently of outside financial inputs.

Our initiatives are the following:

1. We will be working with an innovative designer of cosmetic, skin color matched prosthetics created by a 3D printer that will be provided to veterans free of charge. The photo on this page is an early mockup.


Our goal is to have each prosthetic sponsored by a company or individual and paired with recipients to create direct connections between donors and veterans.


2. We are going to create small businesses that are veteran-owned and veteran-operated to enable veterans in need and others in peril to reach sustaining levels of self-sufficiency.

Part of the proceeds from these small businesses will be the principal source of funding for our foundation's other long term objectives.

Thank you for your help in accomplishing these missions.

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