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Our primary focus is to achieve complete self-sufficiency and sustainability as an organization to meet the objectives of our missions. 

Donations from individuals who believe in our efforts are, obviously, welcomed and encouraged; we are very appreciative of this support, but we do not wish to simply rely upon the generosity of others. 


We will also be exploring grant applications at some point in the future though, again, our goal is to operate independently of outside financial inputs.

Our plan is the following:

1. In April 2022, we will be hosting a benefit concert to raise funds that will go towards the establishment of a food truck in Shreveport that employs veterans and/or others in need.

2. Once we have mastered the model for our first food truck business, we will expand to other cities in Louisiana with more food trucks, dry cleaners, and other enterprises.

3. All employees will be shareholders in the business.

The proceeds from our food trucks and other small businesses will be the principal source of funding for our long-term objectives:

1. To establish a free health and fitness center in Louisiana to provide essential services to veterans and others in need.

2. To establish a free residential facility for veterans and others with challenges in Louisiana.

3. To expand the health and fitness center and residential facility models to other cities throughout the USA.


Launch our first food truck business to employ veterans in 2022.

Launch our first health and fitness center for veterans and others in 2023.

Launch our first residential facility in 2025-26.

Begin expansion to other cities in 2027.