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Harlan Whatley


Sponsorship Coordinator


Harlan D. Whatley was born in Louisiana and grew up in the Lone Star State in Austin and Dallas. He is a renowned artist and we are proud to welcome him to our foundation's team.


When he was in the first grade in Dallas, Harlan played a chap-wearing cowboy in his school play, The Big Show. Armed with a Wild Wild West TV show lunch box, a "64 brilliant colors box "of Crayola crayons and a red Big Chief Writing Tablet, he colored his way into the cowboy culture!


Today, the American cowboy icon is alive and well in popular culture. Harlan's mission is to elevate the narrative of the American cowboy; check out his Pop Art Cowboy website!

Donors referred by Harlan can find his name in the pull-down menu on our donation link for proper attribution.


Thank you!

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