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We are all works in progress striving for inner peace. Our logo, designed by artist Conner Reddan, is a modern take on a classic design and represents how we will always be unfinished as we evolve and progress through our lives. 

Patriotism, to us, is not an extreme political ideology. It is a call to serve those who are less fortunate, in need, and in peril. 

When we first approached Mr. Reddan about creating a logo, we described our ideal design as something that would represent our mission, would include the stars and stripes of Old Glory to honor veterans, and would also evoke emotions of what the concept of peace truly entails.

Many, if not all, of the clients we plan to serve will be lacking serenity and confidence in their lives because of numerous challenges. Our goal will be to assist them on their paths to peace with the knowledge that we are now--and will remain--unfinished.

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