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BOSTON MARATHON - April 17, 2023


Theo's List of Supporters

Lisa A.

Joe B.

Lisa B.

Sarah B.

Thomas B. 

Bill C.

Dyana C.

Samantha C. 

David D.

Patrick D.

Victoria D.

Stefanos E.

Ann Marie F. (2x donor!)

Melissa F.

Ash G. 

Eleftherios G.

Bridget H.

Jack H.

Justin H. 

Billy & Julie K. (Theo's parents!)

Denise K.

Harry K.

Jill K.

Margaret K.

Maria K. (2x donor!)

Stephen K.

Chris G.

Chris L. 

Mary L.

Meletia L.

Sofia L.

Tom L.

Debra M. (2x donor!)

Hailey M. 

James M.

Scott M.

Christie O.

Murphy O.

David P. 

Kyle P.

Naveen P.

Whit P.

Dennis R.

Ellen R.

Heather R.

Jason S.

Lori S.

Jerry T.

Eleni V.

Lia V.

Ourania V.

Vassilios V.

Glenn W.

Greg W.

Pearl W.

Thomas W. 

Fundraising Goal: $3,500

Current Total: $4,770


The officers and board members of The Cuddy Family Foundation for Veterans are pleased to announce that Theo Kamperides, son of our board member Billy Kamperides, completed The Boston Marathon with a remarkable time of 3:16:36! It was Theo's first marathon and he's only nineteen! 

We are extremely thankful for his fundraising effort on behalf of our foundation and for the generous support from so many donors. Theo set the new record and greatly surpassed his original goal of $3,500. Well done!

You are welcome to make a late donation on behalf of Theo's effort for the community of veterans and others we serve; please click the Donate button below and select Theo Kamperides - Boston '23 as the referral source from the pull-down menu.

Please note that we are not an official charity partner of The Boston Marathon because only organizations based in Massachusetts are eligible. One of our officers is fortunate to be a member of the Boston Athletic Association and provides an invitational entry to our runners each year!

Excellent first marathon, Theo! Can't wait for your next one!

Our past Boston runners:

Roberto Juarez (October 2021)

Leah Goldstein (April 2022)

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