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In the military (and society in general, hopefully), the acronym KISS stands for "Keep it simple, stupid!"


And that's just what we are doing with our apparel line: we sell one shirt.


Enjoy all-day and all-night comfort in this soft-touch, very comfy t-shirt from District®. It's a cotton blend that will fit more snugly after the first wash/dry, so order a size up if you're worried about shrinkage (even if you weren't in the pool).


Available sizes? Small to 2XL

Available fits? Men's and Women's

Color? White

Cost? $37 per shirt (includes shipping)

Best parts? You're supporting our foundation and your purchase is tax-deductible!

How do you buy it/them? Four simple steps.


1. Click on the Donate button below and enter the Custom Amount of your purchase by doing this math (37 x # of shirts).


2. Select "TCFFFV T-Shirt Purchase" from the referral source pull-down menu.


3. Enter the types (men's or women's) and sizes of your t-shirts in the "Write us a comment" section.

4. Complete your donation.

We'll mail your shirt(s) as soon as possible. 

We sell one shirt. We hope you'll purchase several.


Thank you!

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