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The VeteraNFT Program


Our foundation is creating a very cool collection of purpose-driven digital art in the form of NFTs (non fungible tokens) that will be sold to benefit the veterans we serve and the stars of each NFT.

We are actively recruiting veterans, college athletes, social media influencers, and others to have their own VeteraNFT collectible! Come join our team!

Each participant will receive 30% of their NFT's first sale and a 2% royalty for all future sales. We will split the remaining 70% of the initial sale with our NFT artist and also earn 2% royalties for future sales.

Check out the examples here. We have USMC veteran Asya Hutto, our three Boston Marathon finishers (Theo Kamperides, Leah Goldstein, and Roberto Juarez), Megan Vaccaro of, and college athlete Cyrus Jacobs, Jr.

If you would like to join our VeteraNFT team, please contact us and we'll design a digital card just for you!

Our goal is to recruit 500 teammates and launch the first collection in November 2023.

Please help us spread the word! Thank you.

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