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The VeteraNFT Program


We are creating a collection of purpose-driven digital art in the form of NFTs (non fungible tokens) that will benefit veterans, our foundation, and the artist!

Our goal is to recruit 500 veterans and create unique NFTs that will be sold to collectors who will know that their purchases are benefitting real people and real heroes who have served our nation.

And it will take less than ten minutes to get started!

Each veteran who participates will receive $80 the first time their NFT is sold and a 3% residual payment for each subsequent sale to new collectors. 

Transparency: If an NFT is sold the first time for $200, the veteran will receive 40% ($80), our foundation will receive 30% ($60), and the artist will receive 30% ($60). Each subsequent sale will produce a 3% commission for the veteran, our foundation, and the artist (9% total).

How do veterans get started?

Send us a message via our contact form or email us directly:

We will respond with simple instructions and further details about The VeteraNFT Program. 

Every veteran has a unique story to tell and we plan to use NFTs to help create innovative income streams for them!


Check out some cool examples of the artwork by our in-house NFT designer on this page.

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