Submit your bid for head (trauma) by Shayla Hayward-Lundy before September 1, 2022 via our Contact form to help benefit the programs and initiatives of our foundation!

head (trauma) was created during Ms. Hayward-Lundy's graduate internship at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital where she provided art therapy and counseling to patients in the Trauma, Neuro, and General Surgery units as well as the hospital-wide Violence Intervention Program. This work was created to process the daily, secondary trauma of providing care to patients who had survived and received care for gunshot wounds to the head, traumatic brain injuries, and metastatic brain cancer. 

The winner of the silent auction will be announced during the first week of September and payment for the bid will be tax-deductible!

head (trauma) will also be framed and shipped free of charge. The size of the frame will be 12" by 16".

We look forward to presenting more silent auctions for artwork by veterans and other artists in the future!

Profile: Shayla Hayward-Lundy is an artist, clinician, and researcher committed to improving the quality of care within military health systems. As an art therapist and counselor, she provides trauma-informed care for patients seeking treatment in various medical, psychiatric, and outpatient settings. Her research efforts focus on improving suicide intervention, treatment for trauma and stress-related disorders, and access to holistic health programs.