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We are proud to announce that "Partners" by Henry P. Gravelle has been selected for the Grand Prize of our second screenplay contest!


Mr. Gravelle is a disabled Vietnam veteran who served in both the Army and the Air Force. He is a published author, screenwriter, and playwright whose catalog includes nearly fifty short stories, several novellas, and novels including a western and a paranormal detective series. Mr. Gravelle is the creator/writer of an award-winning comedy web series entitled "The Over Easy Courthouse Cafe," a member of The Dramatists Guild, and resides near Boston (MA).


Our foundation will be producing Mr. Gravelle's script as a short film in Fall 2024 or Spring 2025.


Congratulations to the following finalists for the second season of The Red River Script Competition:

Dhruv Anish - "Pretty Funny"

Armand Arkien - "Mr. Bear Hugz"

Phoenix Black - "Father Trinity"

Sharon Black - "The Water Tower"

Carlos Alex Ceni - "The Elevator"

Stuart Creque - "Bad Words"

Hyten Davidson - "Lost Equinox"

Jason Fenton - "A Dust of Snow"

Ruth Garnes - "One Loving Person"

Stephanie Gaudinier - "Red Death"

Henry P. Gravelle - "Partners"

Victor Grippi - "The Last Fourth of July"

Charles Hall - "Deadhorse Lick"

Otis Hooper - "A Warped Sense"

Joseph Leone - "Hail Santa"

Veronica Llanas - "One Last Gift"

Heather McDonald - "In The Darkness Lies a Parking Garage"

Sharron Miller - "The Price of Greed"

Azzurra Nox - "Baby Teeth"

Terry Podnar - "The Chance"

Joel and Valerie Reeves - "Blunderland"

Charles Richardson - "The Nightrider"

Bernhard Riedhammer - "Choice"

Samuel Taylor - "At The Mercy of Faith"

Lauren Unger - "Verlee: The First Job Coach"

Harry Waldman - "Enter the Room"

Paul Weidknecht - "Rumor Has It"

Jonathan Westbrook - "Music Man"

Christan van Slyke - "By Candlelight"

The categories for screenplay submissions were the following:



We created this unique contest as a career stepping-stone for writers: not only will the winning script be made into a short film, but all entry fees are tax-deductible and there is also a cash prize for the top selection.

Our esteemed panel of judges included a former agent with ICM and UTA, an experienced screenwriter and author from New Orleans, a screenwriting instructor with 25+ years of experience, plus several others.

"The Scam" by Chelsea Kania was selected as the Grand Prize winner for Season One. We will be producing this screenplay as a short film in Spring 2024.

Sincere thanks to all of the talented writers from around the world who submitted their short scripts for the first two seasons of our competition. We are also thankful for the supportive efforts from our wonderful friends at The Armed Services Arts PartnershipCommunity Building Art Works, and The 988 Initiative.

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