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We were excited to announce that "The Scam" by Chelsea Kania has been selected as the Grand Prize winner for The Red River Script Competition!


This short screenplay immerses itself in the world of phone scamming, a little-understood phenomenon that has plagued the US in recent years. Ms. Kania has been fascinated by the perspectives of both the scammers and their victims who, ironically, exist on the same end of a growing wealth gap. Despite having much in common, they form a sharp dividing point on the nature of human beings. "The Scam" is a rollicking exploration of greed and desperation that unfolds the 21st century American Dream from the inside out.


In 2024, our foundation will be producing "The Scam" as a short film that will be shot in Louisiana with as many veterans as possible serving as actors and crew members. If you know of any veterans who might be interested in working on this project, please send us their contact information.


Chelsea Kania is an award-winning screenwriter who hails from Wisconsin and is currently based in London. Her work centers on inspiring underdog stories that speak to the hidden fears, passions, and powers which exist within us all.

Congratulations to the following 25 screenwriters chosen as finalists for our first season:

Karla S. Bryant (Eagle River, WI) - This Magic Moment
Patricia Cheron (Metairie, LA) - When She Wakes
Christopher D’Anna (New York, NY) - Eyes for Eyes 
Mark DiStefano (New York, NY) - Pizza Night
Stephanie Gaudinier (Verplanck, NY) - Family of Choice
Ian Goff (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) - Seven Sisters 
Henry Gravelle (North Easton, MA) - Le Bassin (The Pond)
Henry Gravelle (North Easton, MA) - Walking with Ray
Charles Hall (Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada) - Taking Fire
Alexander Julian III (Carrboro, NC) - The Desperate Woman's Guide (to finding a man)
Chelsea Kania (Renton, WA) - The Scam 
D.S. Marquis (Salem, MA) - Holiday Hitchhiker
John McCool (Danville, IL) - The Ruse 
Heather McDonald (Franklin Lakes, NJ) - Plants 4 Sale
Azurra Nox (Oxnard, CA) - The Violinist
Isabella Morabito (Lisbon, CT) - One Last Thing
Shawn Nolan (Lindenhurst, NY) - Dark Coast
Elisabeth Player (Newlyn, Cornwall, UK) - The Valentine’s Card
Stuart Pollack (Yardley, PA) - Beach Impressions
Anthony Price (Roseville, MN) - Billy and the Dollar
Charles Richardson (Natchitoches, LA) - The Hayride
Amelia Scheetz (Gahanna, OH) - Forgetting to Remember
Christan van Slyke (Joshua, TX) - Brothers
Paul Weidknecht (Phillipsburg, NJ) - Resurrection Fern
Charliese West and Chasah West (Lafayette, LA) - Familiar

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