What if private citizens took the initiative to start filling as many of the millions of potholes in New Orleans that they possibly could without any government agency's involvement? We would like to find out, too.

Here's what we envision: 

1. Residents of New Orleans alert us to potholes on their streets.

2. We task clients who use our health and wellness facility with the responsibility of filling small potholes throughout the city to build a sense of responsibility and civic pride.

3. Our volunteers pull a little red wagon (or the equivalent) full of gravel and carry a small shovel to the pothole site and fill it.

The inspiration for Project Pothole comes from one of the most amazing accounts on Instagram. Lookat Thesestreets (note the actual IG handle when you visit the site!) has been documenting the perilous streets of New Orleans with photo submissions from residents and motivated us to begin this endeavor. 

Will it work? We don't know. But one thing is for certain: if the city government isn't going to do anything about it, someone needs to do something!

Contact us to get involved. We need sponsors. We need gravel donations. We might need attorneys.

Thank you!


All photos posted on this page were stolen from Lookat Thesestreets.