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GloryFest Po'Boys


To supplement local VA services, this site will be dedicated to wellness aspects for veterans to include fitness training with volunteer professionals, guidance from registered dietitians, secure locker room shower areas for men and women, counseling, barber services, laundry, and a free store with donated goods from the community. Additionally, AA and NA meetings will be held on-site.

Visit Path

Veterans will check-in at a welcome desk, store belongings in baskets that will be kept at the welcome desk, and led to a waiting room. At his/her turn, the veteran will be led to a locker room to take a shower after being provided a clean towel, shower sandals, shampoo, soap, a toothbrush and toothpaste, a gym t-shirt with shorts and socks, and a numbered laundry bag in which to place dirty clothes. Laundry will be collected for washing during the visit.

Fitness trainers will then lead small groups through exercise programs. Afterwards, each v 

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