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As the oft-misattributed adage goes, try to please everyone and you'll end up pleasing no one.


The Cuddy Family Foundation for Veterans is not going to make the mistake of trying to be everything to everybody. We're not going to be a touchy-feely nonprofit that panders to potential donors by subjugating our own views and opinions, particularly those earned by the incredible sacrifices from veterans and civilians throughout the course of our nation's history.


We believe in The First Amendment to the United States Constitution.

Are we in favor of flag burning? No. But people of our nation and of the world should have the right to express themselves in this manner.

Do we find Robert Mapplethorpe's 1987 photograph entitled "Piss Christ" that featured a crucifix in a glass of the artist's urine as aesthetically pleasing? No. But he should have the right to express himself.

Athletes and others choosing to take a knee during The National Anthem? We're not going to do that, but others may. Their right to protest has been earned.

Some of us were recently referred to as "old ass Marines." We'll take it as a compliment! 


Younger generations of snowflakes may find it socially acceptable (and fashionable) to limit freedoms of speech and expression, to cancel people, and to generate biases against those with whom they disagree via age discrimination or other sophomoric, projected insults based on their own intellectual immaturities, but our foundation will espouse the virtues of The First Amendment for all regardless of race, creed, color, sexual orientation, or any other determinants.

We're trying to help veterans in need and others in peril. That's our primary mission.

And if you do not agree with us, as is your right, we will still respect your opinion to make that choice.

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