TCFFFV has launched an amazing program that will directly benefit veterans and college athletes! We are creating digital playing cards in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that will be sold in an online marketplace and the proceeds from sales will go directly to veterans, college athletes, and our foundation.

How do veterans and college athletes get started?

1. Veterans and college athletes can email a photo of themselves, or a photo of artwork they have created, to TCFFFV and we will create an NFT for them. Send your photos to info@tcfffv.org and we will respond as soon as possible.

Note: If you are a college athlete, please click here to follow the compliance process.

2. The first time an NFT is sold, 60% of net profits will go to the veteran or college athlete and 40% will go to TCFFFV. Each subsequent time the NFT is sold, 6% of net profits will go to the veteran or college athlete and 4% will go to TCFFFV (90% will go to the seller of the NFT).

3. We will also be creating tandem NFTs that pair a veteran with a college athlete! For those, the net profits described above will be split evenly between the veteran and the college athlete.

Our national representative for college athletes in The NFT Program is Gabe Liu of Tulane University in New Orleans. Gabe will be featured on our first digital playing card with Jennifer Yancey, a veteran of the US Army (coming soon).

You can find all of our NFTs on the OpenSea marketplace platform at this link: opensea.io/TCFFFV

Please spread the word to veterans and college athletes! Thank you!