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For our fourth journal, The Cuddy Family Foundation for Veterans teamed with The Military Writers Society of America (MWSA) for a creative contest that was open to veterans only!

The submission deadline was June 1, 2022. The finalists were revealed on June 2 and we are proud to announce that J. Scott Price of Faber (VA) was chosen as the grand prize winner for his poem "Spring Thaw."

Mr. Price's entry was selected from hundreds that were sent to us by veterans around the world. The process of choosing the finalists and the grand prize winner was extremely difficult. Many thanks to our editors, April Leavenworth and I.Z. Fallon, for their tremendous efforts with this endeavor.

Mr. Price is a veteran of the Virginia Army National Guard.

Here is a list of the veterans whose poems and short stories were selected to be published in the journal:

Scott Mulvaney, Kari Sobisky, Melanie Costa, Jim Greenwald, Eric Leja, Philip Julian, Reed Bonadonna, Marc Levy, Theresa Ann Boquist, Mark Voelker, Michael Lund, John Cathcart, Tanya R. Whitney, Michael Mullane, Eric Wasileski, Thomas Mangan, Donald Purdy, Jim Tritten, Richard K. Cartwright, Jon M. Nelson, Jessi Atherton, George J. Bryjak, Steven Wade Veatch, J. Scott Price, Tina Weaver, Ken Harbert, Everett Cox, R.G. Roberts, Briana M. Carr, Jennifer K. Yancey, Alexis Casiday, Robert Poirier, and Elvis Aaron Leighton.

Click here for some photos and links of a few of these veterans!

Sincere thanks to all of the veterans who took the time to send their creative efforts. We look forward to holding this contest again in 2023.

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