We are a 501(c)(3) with the primary goals of employing veterans, serving the essential survival needs of homeless veterans and others in peril, and offering long-term sustainability training and transitional support elements to help secure stable living arrangements for our clients.

We are extremely proud of the efforts by our spokesperson, Hana Romer, and the officers and board members who are helping to translate our goals into realities.

Check out our NFT Program​: we are creating digital player cards that will directly benefit veterans, college athletes, and our foundation. They'll be available soon!

And we recently published our second poetry journal - with original submissions from veterans and poets from around the world to support these goals. It's available for purchase on Amazon now and we'll be releasing our third volume in November 2021.

Roberto Juarez completed The Boston Marathon on our behalf in 2021 and Leah Goldstein will be doing the same in 2022! After that, it's Theo Kamperides in 2023, Adam Carey in 2024, and Brian C. in 2025.

Here are some of Roberto's supporters wearing his special edition t-shirt for Boston:

Also, we're so excited about the release of the song and video for our fundraising project "The Answer is Me." Watch the YouTube video below and download the song on iTunes and Spotify!