Our officers and board members have come up with so many great ideas to help make our initiatives to aid veterans and others a reality and there will be many more on the way soon!

Roberto Juarez and Leah Goldman have already completed The Boston Marathon on behalf of our foundation (2021 and 2022, respectively). In April of 2023, Theo Kamperides (the son of our board member Billy Kamperides) will be running Boston for us. Adam Carey will be doing the 26.2 miles in 2024 and USMC veteran Brian C. will be doing the same in 2025! Then, in 2026, a yet-to-be-determined runner will accept the tremendous challenge that is The Boston Marathon on behalf of our friends at the Acadiana Veteran Alliance!

Our foundation has assembled a team to complete The 29029 Everesting Challenge in 2023. Our goal is to raise $1 per foot for the height of Mt. Everest! Check out The 29029 Team here

We are producing quarterly poetry journals with original submissions from veterans and other poets. Additionally, we will soon be launching a silent auction program for artwork that will further benefit our efforts.

To encourage creativity for veterans, we have launched a Silent Auction program! Our foundation is fortunate to have the support of many talented people who are donating their original artwork for this effort!

We've even released a song and music video that is a call to action to end homelessness. "The Answer is Me" was sung by Jessica Mixon and Gianna DiBono. It is available now for purchase on iTunes and the video, created by Sammie Gaynor, is on YouTube

Thank you, in advance, for supporting these efforts. They will all help fund our plans for Louisiana and beyond.