We are proud to announce that Melissa McKenney, the mother of a USAF Airman on active duty, will be attempting to complete The 29029 Everesting Challenge in October 2023 on behalf of our foundation!


What is this lunacy? Well, Melissa is not actually going to Nepal.


She will be doing 29,029 vertical feet (the height of Mt. Everest) at Stratton Mountain (VT) in October 2023. She's going to hike to the summit, take the chair lift or shuttle down to the base, and repeat 17 times until she's met her objective! 

Why? Melissa is doing this to raise awareness about the alarming suicide rates for veterans. Our foundation is not just concerned with the actual suicide rate for veterans, but also the rate of attempted suicides that is estimated to be at least 40-50 times higher. That rarely gets addressed. We cannot stop suicides after they happen; we must work to stop the attempts.


We are proud to partner with The 988 Initiative to help create conversations about mental health and suicide prevention.

And you can support Melissa's effort to conquer Mt. Everest and, more importantly, the missions of our foundation by making a tax-deductible donation at this link. Please select her name from the pull-down menu.


Thank you!

Sincere thanks to our sponsors for this event: FlipSockzLIFEAID, Magic Spoon, The Osso Good Company, and Shaw Strength